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let's be practical, if you are at this page that mean either you just clicked the page mneu and it crashed here.

or you may seriously want to connect with me.


so, here are the usual ways.


1. E-Mail Address : / /


2. Secondary E-Mail Address :


I think that's enough. I live in this earth, and from India. And in Bootom I did embeded a map for noobs!


Small Intro.


I'm just another regular guy who do <currently> 10-5.30 office duty where I put my lazzy bum on chair for the whole day and clikck-click-click on keyboard and swishing with mouse. Also some time conduct VC for some!


also, by hobby or you can say my real passion is website designing <not hosting>, so yeah! I setup<ed> a website designing farm where I make customer ordered websites, I mean designs. For websoftwares we have a small Team (me! only). It calls

Agartala Info Online or InShort AIO-HQ.


And I have a youtube channel too. and another growing channel but that link will share in future

And in DeviantArt <not upadted for a decade> but I have and in moddb <you know gaming mod site> couple of maps & maps


And a beautiful wife and a kiddo.


And in freetime I play Clash Of Clans in mobile with some other games. In pc the list is long so lets say, FPS (Like COD, FarCry), 3rd-Person-Shooter (like Saints Row, SCBL), Stratigy (Like C&C, AOE) and Indie in my Acer Nitro Ryzen 7 Laptop, Also have a PS3 but exactly why I bought that - That still unknown cz I played 15-20 days top on that. Also I have a AMD Athlon II X4 Desktop for old games like Desert Storm & Recoil.


that's it, or that's for now.


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My Institute come Firm

The Star Mark beside "The Gym" & "HML Roof Top"